About Gloria
Founded in 1978, Gloria English School is one of the largest and most reputable English schools in Taiwan.
We employ over 550 staff members and have 18 branches throughout Taoyuan City.
Gloria provides supplemental English education classes to students in grades pre-K to 12.
We have a fully developed curriculum that integrates games, songs, drama, and gestures.
A Regular Class
looks like
The majority of students are in elementary school, middle school and high school. Classes focus on conversation ability, reading comprehension, composition writing, grammar, and audio-lingual skills. 
Classes vary in size, but average about 14 students. Each class is an hour and a half or two hours long, with a ten minute break in the middle.
In most classes, a foreign teacher teaches with a Taiwanese co-teacher. Most Taiwanese teachers in Gloria have bachelor degrees majoring in English. 
What We Offer
  • Job security through guaranteed hours (a minimum average of 20 hours per week)
  • Approx. NT$60,000+/month after tax
  • Signing Bonus of NT$10,000
  • One-year bonus of NT$10,000
  • Assistance with work permit and ARC application
  • Labor and Health insurance
  • Additional bonuses (attendance, re-enrollment, holidays, etc.)
  • Special (Paid) leaves after 6 months of seniority
  • Fully developed curriculum and teaching materials
  • Extensive training program
  • Free housing for 15 months (single rooms with shared living room, kitchen, and bathrooms)
  • Airport pick-up

What Do Teachers Say

The curriculum is set, and once you have become comfortable with the materials, it is very easy to plan your classes.

If you are looking for a year abroad (gap year) to teach, travel, and learn a new language, Gloria offers a great flexible work environment.

The best part of working here is that other teachers can give you advice and help you lesson plan while also building genuine friendships.

Excellent work/life balance and support from the team at Gloia. They help you with everything you need to do.
  • Native English speaker from an English-speaking country


  • Bachelor's or associate's degree with TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certification


  • National Background Check from your home country


  • One-year commitment

Hiring Process

Submitting an Application

The candidate submits a complete application via E-mail (ges.job.tw@gmail.com) or by using the online form on the website.

Conducting a Video Interview

The candidate participates in a video interview with our Human Resource Manager via Skype video conferencing.

Receiving an Employment Offer

If the candidate meets the criteria for the position, they will receive an offer of employment from Gloria English School.

Providing Pre-Entry Support

We assist the candidate with the necessary arrangements and preparations before their arrival in Taiwan.

Taoyuan, Taiwan
Salary & Bonus
NT$60000+ a month  (US$2000)
Contract Duration
52+ weeks
Living cost
NT$20000+ a month  (US$660+)
Working hours
20+ hours a week
Potential Saving
NT$40000+ a month  (US$1300+)
Free housing for 15 months
Public Transportation
buses and bikes available

About Taoyuan
  • 2.2 million people live in Taoyuan City
  • Approximately a 45-minute bus ride to Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan
  • Taoyuan International Airport(TPE) is located in this city
  • Enjoy mild to warm winters and hot summers
  • Vibrant city life with plenty of shops and restaurants
  • Easy access to public transportation, including a high-speed rail station
  • Taoyuan Night Market, a compact and well-liked destination for visitors
  • Several parks and outdoor recreational areas for leisure and exercise
  • Convenient location for exploring other parts of Taiwan, such as Taipei and Hsinchu
  • Rich cultural experiences, including traditional festivals and performances
  • Safe and friendly environment for foreigners with low crime rates

1. Do I need previous teaching experience to become a teacher at Gloria English School?

A: While previous teaching experience is preferred, it is not required. We welcome applicants with diverse backgrounds and experiences who are passionate about teaching and working with students.

2. What kind of training do you offer for new teachers?

A: Gloria English School provides comprehensive support and guidance to new teachers through our training program. 
This program covers a range of areas, including curriculum development, classroom management, and effective teaching strategies. We also offer ongoing training opportunities, teaching consultant observations, and workshops from experienced teachers to provide our teachers with the resources they need to continue to develop their teaching skills over time. 
Our teaching consultants observe teachers in the classroom and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement, while our workshops provide opportunities for teachers to learn from their peers and gain new insights and strategies. We believe that providing our teachers with ongoing support and guidance is essential to ensuring the success of our students.

3. What are the requirements for obtaining a work permit (work visa) to teach English in Taiwan?

A: Here are all the requirements you need to meet to obtain a work permit to teach English in Taiwan:
  • Being at least 20 years old
  • Being a native English speaker
  • A valid passport issued by an English speaking country
  • Proof of having a Bachelor's degree in any field OR a two or three year college diploma or an associate degree along with a TESOL/TEFL certificate
  • A job offer from Gloria English School
  • A national criminal background check from your home country
  • A health check

4. What is the average salary for an English teacher in Gloria English School and what are the typical benefits?

A:  At Gloria English School, English teachers can expect an average monthly salary of around 60,000 to 80,000 TWD (approximately $2,000 to $2,700 USD), depending on their seniority. 
In addition to the salary, we offer a range of benefits including labor and health insurance, accident/life/medical insurance, paid vacation, and tax reimbursement for eligible individuals. Furthermore, teachers are provided with free dormitory accommodations (a single room with shared living room, kitchen, and bathrooms) for the first 15 months, with the exception of a fixed cleaning fee of $1000/month. Teachers are also responsible for their own AC electricity fees.
In addition to these benefits, we offer our teachers a one-year bonus upon completion of a one-year contract. We also offer various bonuses for monthly attendance, student re-enrollment rates, contract renewal, and for the four main Chinese holidays.

5. What is the cost of living in Taiwan and how much should I expect to spend on housing, food, transportation, etc.?

A: The cost of living in Taiwan is generally lower than in many Western countries, but can vary depending on where you live and your lifestyle. 
Gloria English School offers free dormitory accommodations for the first 15 months. If you’d rather have your own place, private studio apartments in Taoyuan can cost $10,000 to $15,000 TWD per month ($350 to $525 USD). Eating out and transportation are affordable, with restaurant meals costing around $100 to $200 TWD ($3 to $7 USD) and bus fares ranging from $0.6 to $3 USD for trips under an hour. If you opt for a scooter, gas is about $400 TWD ($14 USD) per month.

6. What is the typical work schedule for an English teacher in Gloria English school and how many hours per week can I expect to teach?

A: Typically, English teachers at Gloria English School work 3-4 hours per day, from Monday to Saturday. Teachers can expect to work around 20-25 hours per week, with some preparation time required outside of class. The school operates all year round without winter or summer breaks.

7. What kind of students will I be teaching in Gloria English school?

A: Our students typically range from 6 to 18 years old. We group students together in classes based on their similar levels of English proficiency. Our teachers primarily focus on helping students develop their basic language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Many Taiwanese students are highly motivated to learn English and are enthusiastic learners.

8. What is the minimum contract period for teachers at Gloria English School?

A: The minimum contract period is one year, which allows teachers to fully immerse themselves in the school's curriculum, teaching methods, and student culture. Gloria English School offers a comprehensive benefits package to provide financial security, housing, and additional incentives to make our school a rewarding place to work for teachers.

9. How does the culture and education system in Taiwan differ from that of my home country?

A: The culture and education system in Taiwan may differ from that of your home country in various ways. For example, education is highly valued in Taiwan, and students may be more disciplined and respectful towards teachers. There are also differences in communication styles, cultural values, and teaching methods. It's important to be open-minded and willing to learn about the local culture and education system.

10. Are there any cultural norms or customs that I should be aware of when teaching or living in Taiwan?

A: Yes, there are several cultural norms and customs to be aware of when teaching or living in Taiwan. For example, punctuality is highly valued, and it's important to show respect towards elders and authority figures. It's customary to remove shoes when entering someone's home.
In terms of work ethics, Taiwan has a strong work culture that emphasizes diligence and hard work. It's important to be punctual and reliable, and to take pride in the work that you do. Taiwanese people value education and place a high importance on learning English, so as a teacher, you'll have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on your students' lives.
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